The Municipal Arts Society has launched a nyc-wide competition for the ugliest photo of those infamous newsracks. The uglier the better. The ugliest of the ugly wins a $100 gift certificate to Urban Center Books.

The competition (called OUTRAGE!) is open until September 14th, after which Vanessa Gruen, Director of Special Projects for MAS will share the treasure trove of bad newsrack photos with the city to raise awareness and spark some change. Vanessa tells us some of the worst offenders are in the Upper West Side and large intersections in Brooklyn, but more images are coming in every day. See what’s been uploaded so far in the Flickr pool.

Shoot the worst offenders in any of the five boroughs and upload the pics to the OUTRAGE campaign’s Flickr group page. Flickr users can tag their pictures nastynewsracks or join the nastynewsracks Flickr group. You can also email your pics to MAS directly at

Read more about the OUTRAGE! campaign on the MAS website, then go out shoot some fugly.

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