If you happen to be in the NYC area this evening, you’ll should definitely come by the opening for Jennie Booth’s new show "2 to the Nth Power" that goes until September 30th. Jennie is a member with a signature style and layers of meaning to her work. She plays at the intersection of art, mathematics and neuroscience creating a visually compelling canvas that resonates on many levels.

We caught up with Jennie to learn more about the show, her inspirations and her journey from Chicago to pre-gentrified Williamsburg Brooklyn.


What the is show about?

It?s an exhibition of 21 recent mixed-media tapestry style and stretched canvas paintings?including 2 really fun bas-relief sculptures.

–Working with the thought that one can travel literally and metaphorically from the ocean to the desert in a matter of minutes.

What does 2 to the Nth power mean?

The title is taken from a painting in the show called "2 The Nth Power. "  Originally a mathematical term, it is used to mean the ultimate incalculable something—so I ?m talking here about the ultimate power of the brain?how we use it (if we use it) and how it uses us as humans.  There’s that play and struggle between intellectual (logical) and emotional thinking.  We are the sum of intricate electrical impulses in the brain–and then there is "the heart"

Can you tell us a little bit about your work?

My work is iconographic and narrative. The figures and symbols are multi-layered in possible meaning.  One person could see a devil where the other person sees a god. It is meant to be a primal, universal language where an artist or non-artist viewer, a viewer from say, Kerala, India or Bremen, Germany or Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, could each find a personal language and solution to the visual puzzle.

What inspires you as an artist?

The machinations of the brain.   The mind as vehicle or driver.  The razor?s edge reality between life and death. — And then let?s talk politics–gender, color, and class.  It?s all there.

Have you always been based in NYC?

I was originally in Chicago and participated in the Pilsen, Wicker Park art scene.  Incredibly, a rent hike in Wicker Park was the catalyst for moving to NYC?but I got in on the Williamsburg thing back when you could get off the Bedford L stop and be one of five or six people.  Artists are being squeezed out from all the NYC boroughs. I wonder, does culture have a place if it doesn?t have $currency$?

How can we learn more about your work?

Be sure to check out the show, which runs until September 30th.  @ skinNY–174 Orchard Street NYC.  That?s between Houston and Stanton on the Lower East Side.
I can be reached at, and of course!

Special shout out to Jim Carrano at skinNY, NYC for providing space where alternative artists can show their work.

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