Title: Eternal Greatness /// marker, collage and pen

This recent submission by brooklynartproject.com member Elan has some great depth and emotion to it. I really like the integration of handwriting into the messaging. Check out more of elans work here.


Brooklyn Art Project Member Name
    Elan Artist

First Name

Last Name



Which of the following best describe you?
    Illustrator, Painter, Graphic Designer, Photographer

What city are you in?
    New York City

What country?

How often are you the first among your friends to try something new?
    Very often

Would you be interested in re-mixing your art with other artists?

What do you want people to know about you?
    My father is an artist my first experience with art was through him. He is the one who signed me up for this website without speaking to me so if anyone is wondering why the male option turned into female this is the reason.

    I love art. I love thinking creativily and expressing that love through color, line, and composition.My art training began when I was four and I was taught painting, collage, photography and drawing. I have been in the graphic arts for about three years and enjoy that very much also. I have samples of my work on my website www.elanartist.com and myspace.com/elanartist .

What is your website address?

How did you hear about Brooklyn Art Project?
    Father, He’s an artist. 

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