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OneTwoDelta is the third Singaporean artist we’re featuring this week. There seems to be a real explosion of raw artistic talent there and we’re loving it. OneTwoDelta’s confident illustrations showcase his depth and intelligence, his work is smart and well executed. We welcome him as a member to this week and look forward to seeing more. We. Love. This. Stuff.

Click on over to his member page to see his other work (definitely check the piece called secrets), then get thee self to his website at For more breakout work from other Singaporean artists check out SpeakCryptic and Foon.


Member name
OneTwoDelta (bojengo)



Which of the following best describe you?
Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Photographer

What city are you in?

What country?

How often are you the first among your friends to try something new?
Very often

Would you be interested in re-mixing your art with other artists?

What do you want people to know about you?
OneTwoDelta depicts life obscurities and personal styles in his work. Oblivion is his canvas. His art is his glory and his constant visit. His art is his journal.

What is your website address?

How did you hear about Brooklyn Art Project?
Through a fellow artist friend

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