Acrylic on canvas
36" x 48"

Title: Untitled
Artists: Art by DNA (Aaron Almendral and Mariano Delgado)
/// See more of DNA’s work on their brooklynartproject.com album page

In 2004, international artists Aaron Almendral and Mariano Delgado
joined their talents in a collaborative venture. Calling themselves
DNA, they began to specialize in portraits presented in their simplest
form, capturing the subject?s special intangible qualities.

The artists began their collaboration by establishing ?basic rules of
production.? They chose only subjects involved with peace movements and
human rights, and painted them in black over solid bright colors.

DNA has been represented in over fifteen shows in New York City in the
past few years. Their paintings are included in numerous private
collections and are commissioned and exhibited globally.
As resident artists, reputable galleries are representing DNA across
the US.
In 2006, a painting was chosen by a curator from Christie?s for the
?ProyectArte: Auction of Contemporary Argentinean Art? at the Consulate
General of Argentina.

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