TUESDAY /// JULY 31st @ 6:00PM ////// TO DO ///
Brooklyn Art Project member "Illegal Art" plans to get sticky all over DUMBO as they install "TO DO"
an installation art project on the Front Street side windows of 70 Washington Street. Click here for a Google map.

Their member page says the project "is to be created using 6,272 Post-its on the window for
the passersby to write down their own ‘to do’ lists and add to the
collective consciousness of personal promises, social commitments and
the yet to be done. From the refrigerator to the computer screen, from
the purse to the bedroom door, to- do lists, commands, reminders,
mantras and more have graced these tiny 3×3 inch squares all over the

You can see photos of similar projects they’ve put together over at

Don’t forget to write yourself a reminder note about this one. A Post-it perhaps.

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